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which only opens for you!

Throughout the duration of the rescue work (see HERE ), the Château de La Villaumaire is open to visitors, from June 1 to September 30, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., for groups only (minimum 20 people) and by appointment .


The visit is guided , carried out by a member of the family and makes you discover the history of the monument, the restorations which are carried out there and the life of an aristocratic residence. The visit ends with a "glass of friendship" .


The duration of the visit is 1 hour. The language used is French.


The price is 11 € per person, (free for the driver).

To choose a date, complete the attached form. Upon receipt we will confirm its availability ->

La visite est guidée, réalisée par un membre de la famille et vous fait découvrir l'histoire du monument, les restaurations qui y sont menées et la vie d'une demeure aristocratique. La visite se termine par un "verre de l'amitié".


La durée de la visite est de 1 heure. La langue utilisée est le français.


Le tarif est de 11 € par personne.


For health security reasons, our animal friends are not allowed for the visit, nor in the grounds of the park.

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The strollers cannot circulate in the castle, they will remain at the entrance of this one the time of the visit of the interiors.


To access the interior of the castle, there is an outside staircase to cross, which greatly limits access to people in wheelchairs.

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