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The association of "Friends of La Villaumaire" was created soon 20 years ago, on August 22, 2002, with the aim of bringing together all those who wished to contribute to the rescue and to work for the rebirth and the influence of the architectural and historical heritage. and artistic that constitutes the Castle of La Villaumaire.

Today, with nearly a hundred members, the association brings together those who wish to contribute to the safeguard of this monument, as well as to the protection of its site and its environment. act as moral support by becoming the ambassador of the Château de La Villaumaire to bring it to the attention of as many people as possible, or whether it is to bring material help by becoming a volunteer to get involved in a way active in renovation programs for the building and its park or in activities, in particular, for example, during heritage days; or finally, to contribute financially to the action of the association by paying a subscription.

It is placed under the regime of the french law of July 1, 1901 and registered in the sub-prefecture of Chinon under N ° W371005788.

Members are kept informed of events and activities organized by the Association. An annual general meeting followed by a cocktail party is organized and allows new projects and in situ achievements to be presented. And for those who have opted for volunteering, convivial meetings take place, in addition, as part of the association's activities (workcamps, events, etc.).


There are 2 options to become a member of the association:

Free Membership:
- By becoming a volunteer (plan for one week of participation per year, spread over the year),
- In front of a donor, see HERE

Paid membership
- by paying an annual contribution in an amount of their choice (minimum 25 €), the contribution being valid either for one person or for a couple.

To register and support the association, complete the form below:


Vanina Vitali of Sant'Eusebio



Mathilde Coursault

General secretary

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See the statutes: HERE

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