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A thousand miles away from the fury and the urban hustle and bustle, off the beaten track, far from crowded beaches:

Touraine is an exceptional country... An Eden for the man of taste! A promised land for the epicurean! 
Here nature is untouched. The forests are deep, the orchards lush, the vines generous, the air lively and pure...
Here, no "tags" and other stigmata of the century; but proud castles and, in the sandstone of the valleys, flowery villages with wise houses. Blond chalk of the walls, blue reflection of the slate roofs... Yesterday, holiday resort of the Kings of France... Today residence of Princes and Dukes... And since always, fatherland of the man of spirit: Da Vinci, Rabelais, Descartes and so many others... Immemorial cradle of the French language and table...

Here, history competes with gastronomy!


It is in this setting, out of time, that we invite you to come and savor this art of living!
Whether for a weekend getaway or for a romantic or family vacation,
go back in time in a family castle with immemorial foundations in which we offer a 35 suite for 2 people m2. Make your choice ! May it be your pleasure...

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