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117 m2


300 m2


4 rooms


3 rooms


1 bath

597 € / month

+ provision on charges is 30 € / month



Nestled in the vast park of the Villaumaire estate, in the middle of the woods, the "Grand Pavillon" - an 18th century building remodeled in the 19th century in the Napoleon III style - offers exceptional calm and a view of the countryside or come in the early morning to graze hinds and deer.

Accessible by a private road, the apartment has a car park, a private garden of approximately 300 m2 and offers a living area of ​​117.07 m². It offers, on the 1st floor, a living room (with fireplace), a dining room (with office fireplace), a kitchen, a bathroom including a bathtub, as well as three bedrooms. The radiant heating and the production of hot water are electric. The total cost of electricity consumption according to the DPE represents € 1,741 / year (i.e. € 145 / month). Water consumption is included in the charges (30 € / month)

This apartment is available for long-term rental (Type of lease: law n ° 89-462 of July 6, 1989, 3 years renewable by tacit agreement)

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