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The Castle of La Villaumaire

The work of a lifetime



The historic Domaine de La Villlaumaire is located in the town of Huismes in the heart of the "Loire Anjou Touraine" natural regional park, in a site classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Enclosed in the 5,142 ha of the national forest of Chinon, (one of the oldest in France), itself integrated into a wooded area, even larger, of nearly 12,000 ha, the domain of ​​La Villaumaire is a haven of peace which consists of a large castle built, mainly in the 15th century, on Gallo-Roman foundations and a set of mansions dating from the 17th, 18th century and 19th century. In this set, where calm and bliss reign, you can spend a few hours (see visit ), or stay for a few days of vacation (see our cottages ) or to live there year round (see our rentals ).

The historic Domaine de La Villaumaire is the ideal place to stay to discover (or savor all year round) the cultural and gastronomic riches of a region like no other. Resort of the Kings of France since time immemorial, there is not a path through which, the lover of art and history will not find castles, manors or manor houses to admire. Homeland of Rabelais, vineyards and tasting cellars abound and will delight the uninhibited Epicurean. Finally, the walker will delight in the long alleys that crisscross the national forest of Chinon, a paradise for deer, roe deer and wild boar. Prints of serenity and with names marked by history, they will be the pretext for memorable bike rides or epic hikes.

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